The C.A.T. Center
reduces autism symptoms by repairing impaired metabolic processes.

We are here to help you treat and manage your child’s Autism

C.A.T. (Customized Autism Treatment) stems from a growing body of research involving biologically-based practices.

This groundbreaking methodology is designed to reduce autism symptoms by repairing impaired metabolic processes and restoring the patient’s internal biochemical balance.

See How We Changed Lior’s Life

The Game Changer

In May 2020 we embarked on a fascinating documentary journey.

For five months, we filmed Lior and his parents. The film documents his targeted therapy and teaches how it is possible to dramatically reduce autism symptoms by analyzing advanced laboratory tests and applying an in-depth understanding of how to repair impaired metabolic processes that influence behaviors.

Since autism symptoms are affected by metabolic imbalances, reducing these symptoms requires understanding each child’s unique biochemical map.

We are proud that this understanding has succeeded in changing the lives of hundreds of children worldwide.

  • C.A.T. can be obtained worldwide as it relies on an analysis of lab test results and the impaired metabolic processes that arise from them.

Our Success With Families

Our Success With Families

We have treated over 860 clients since our inception.

The C.A.T. Method is based on extensive analysis of advanced laboratory testing. Rooted in the field of biologically-based practices, this groundbreaking approach blends data with an understanding of various metabolic disorders and scientific mechanisms. Listen to our families’ stories on how our services have changed their lives.



Media Coverage

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Russian Channel 9 Interview with C.A.T. Center Founder, Pharmacist and Chemist Tali Engor

Thanks to the C.A.T. Method, Ariel’s restlessness is manageable—and his mother is thrilled that she can finally bring her son to others’ homes.



The case of a boy with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis, severe cognitive disability and celiac disease in which an unexpected improvement of core autistic symptoms was observed after four months of probiotic treatment.

A study outlining how the availability of some nutrients can have immediate effects on behavior, especially the ability to respond to stimulation. And, how brain function, including cognitive processing, responds to changes in nutrients.

Tali Engor, Founder of the C.A.T. Center

Tali Engor created the C.A.T. Method after her daughter was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Today she runs the C.A.T. Center, works closely with families, and oversees a small team of experts. Tali, a pharmaceutical chemistry specialist, chemist, and pharmacist, received a B.Sc.Pharm from the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a B.Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Bar-Ilan University. In addition, Tali has specializations and certifications from the Levinsky College (The Autism Integrative Method Program), Ben-Gurion University (Naturopathic Studies), the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Psychiatry and Neurology, and Diabetes and Medicinal Consultation), and was a former council member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Israel. 

Leveraging her background in science and medicine, Tali developed a custom autism treatment program based on biologically-based practices in order to reduce autism symptoms by repairing impaired metabolic processes and restoring the patient’s internal biochemical balance.