The C.A.T. Approach

The Customized Autism Treatment (C.A.T.) Center was founded to help families living with autism spectrum disorder leverage science and nutrition to improve their quality of life.

Stemming from a growing body of research involving biologically-based practices, the groundbreaking C.A.T. Method is designed to repair impaired metabolic processes, supplement nutritional deficiencies, and improve the patient’s internal balance.

In many cases, parents are among the first to realize their child might be struggling. Our center is here to help treat and manage your child’s autism.

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Tali Angor
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Tali Engor, Founder and CEO of the C.A.T. Method

Tali Engor created the C.A.T. Method after her daughter was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Today she runs the C.A.T. Center, works closely with families, and oversees a small team of experts. She received a B.Sc.Pharm from the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a B.Science in Medicinal Chemistry from Bar-Ilan University. Leveraging her background in science and medicine, she developed a custom autism treatment program based on nutrition and other biologically-based practices. Tali has specializations and certifications from the Levinsky College of Education (The Autism Integrative Method Program), Ben-Gurion University (Naturopathic Studies), the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Psychiatry and Neurology, and Diabetes and Medicinal Consultation). She is a former council member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Israel, having also managed their Pharma Club Committee.