i24 News Announces New Nutrition-Based Autism Treatment (English)

Learn how parents are trusting the C.A.T. Center to treat children with autism via nutrition and custom vitamin supplementation.

C.A.T. Center Founder, Pharmacist and Chemist Tali Engor Speaks on Channel 20 News (English subtitles)

Tali Engor describes her custom approach to treating autism, providing insights into her scientific and medical background.

C.A.T. Center Founder, Pharmacist and Chemist Tali Engor Speaks on Channel 9 News (Russian)

Tali Engor and Ariel’s mother, Adi Schwrtz, discuss the dramatic changes Ariel experienced after treatment at the C.A.T. Center.

France News Shares How Vitamin Supplementation Can Treat Autism (French)

Learn how the possibility of treating autism spectrum disorder in children may well start with nutrition.

Tali Engor Breaks Down Custom Autism Treatment on kol-Bharama Radio (English subtitles)

Learn how the C.A.T. Method—rather than turning to pharmaceuticals—takes a customized research-backed, nutritionally-oriented approach to autism treatment.

C.A.T. Center Founder, Pharmacist and Chemist Tali Engor Speaks on Channel 2 News (Hebrew)

Tali Engor explains how it is possible to reduce autism symptoms dramatically using individualized nutritional supplements.

Parents discuss their experiences with the C.A.T. Method on Kol HaKinneret Radio (English subtitles)

Doctor Bar Niv interviews parents who describe how the C.A.T. Method’s custom approach has transformed their families’ lives for the better.

C.A.T. Center Founder, Pharmacist and Chemist Tali Engor Breaks Down Custom Autism Treatment on Eretz Radio (English subtitles)

Learn how researchers are finding that autism is rooted not in behavioral problems, but in metabolic problems—which can be treated with proper nutrition.

The Story Behind C.A.T.

Until a few years ago, my life was calm and quiet. I worked as a chemist and pharmacist, and the word “autism” was hardly in my vocabulary—but then everything changed. At just 19 months of age, my young daughter slipped into the abyss of autism spectrum disorder.

C.A.T. Center Founder Tali Engor Speaks on Channel 13 (Hebrew)

Learn how Tali Engor changed her and her daughter’s lives by understanding and treating defective metabolic processes through nutrients.

How did Tali Engor change her daughter's life? (Hebrew)

Can a dietary change lead to a dramatic improvement in autism symptoms? More and more parents of autistic children who have tried the new direction of treatment testify that he saved their children.


C.A.T. Center Founder Tali Engor Speaks on Globes magazine (Hebrew)

After her youngest daughter was diagnosed whit autism, the pharmacist and chemist Tali Engor developed a groundbreaking methodology to reduce autism symptoms by repairing impaired metabolic processes.

C.A.T. Center Founder, Pharmacist, and Chemist Tali Engor ISRAELHAYOM interview (Hebrew)

Nothing prepared Tally Engor for the day her little daughter was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. Following this, Engor developed a unique treatment method that changed her daughter’s and many other children’s life.


When Tali Engor’s daughter stopped making eye contact, she realized something was wrong. An autism assessment that was made a few weeks later confirmed that Tali’s daughter is on the autistic spectrum. From this point on, Tali’s life has completely changed, and so did the lives of hundreds of children she has been treating since.

Parents Describe How Tali Engor Changed Their Lives on MIG News (Russian)

News article outlining how the C.A.T. Method can alleviate the symptoms of autism by replenishing missing nutrients and repairing metabolic processes.