Listen to our families’ stories.

Dreams Can Come True - See How We Changed Matteo’s Life

Within five therapy months, Matteo’s remarkable progress in communication, verbalization, and understanding abilities enabled him to overcome the criteria of autism.

See How We Changed Johnny’s Life

In a remarkably short time after starting treatment, Johnny’s achievements have been inspiring. He became potty trained and began communicating, reading, and counting – A sequence of progress we are proud of.

See how we changed Lior’s life. (00:41 minutes - English subtitles )

In May 2020 we embarked on a fascinating documentary journey. For five months, we filmed Lior and his parents. The film documents his targeted therapy and teaches how it is possible to dramatically reduce autism symptoms by analyzing advanced laboratory tests and applying an in-depth understanding of how to repair impaired metabolic processes.

Meron’s Father Is in Awe of His Son’s Improvements

Meron struggled to process language from an early age and rarely played with other children. Thanks to C.A.T., his father says he’s learned to communicate effectively.

The C.A.T. Method Helped Yair Bond with His Family

4-year-old Yair couldn’t sit still for more than a second to draw or play. After a few months of treatment at the C.A.T. Center, he showed significant improvements.

Ilanit Shares a Powerful Message

When her son was diagnosed with autism, Ilanit didn’t know where to turn. Every time they sat down together, there was a communication block. Then came the C.A.T. Method.

Adi’s Progress Fills Her Father with Joy

When Yavgeni’s daughter Adi was diagnosed with autism, her speech was lagging significantly. Thanks to the C.A.T. Center, she started making real progress.

Sivan Now Has the Confidence to Ask for Help

With support from the C.A.T. Center, Sivan can produce thoughts with clarity. He’s able to think beyond those first steps—steps that were once very challenging.

Before Treatment, Tamar Couldn’t Take Her Son to the Playground

Before C.A.T., 10-year-old Liroy grappled with frequent tantrums. Today, he looks forward to going to school. His mother is endlessly grateful.

Vitamin Supplementation Changed Avishai’s Life

Custom testing and vitamin supplementation made the difference for 8-year-old Avishai, diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder early in life.

Shay’s Son Stopped Wetting the Bed

Shay’s youngest son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at 18 months. With C.A.T., the child stopped wetting the bed, improved his communication, and became much happier.

Ariel Can Finally Spend Time in Others’ Homes

Thanks to the C.A.T. Method, Ariel’s restlessness is manageable—and his mother is thrilled that she can finally bring her son to others’ homes.

The C.A.T. Method Helped Lior Bond with His Family

Before he began treatment, Lior would throw tantrums in social situations. With the C.A.T. Method, Lior can finally ask for what he needs.

Liad's parents were amazed at their son's eye contact improvement.

The Story Behind C.A.T.

Until a few years ago, my life was calm and quiet. I worked as a chemist and pharmacist, and the word “autism” was hardly in my vocabulary—but then everything changed. At just 19 months of age, my young daughter slipped into the abyss of autism spectrum disorder.

5-Year-Old Liel Transformed His Speech

Liel has undergone tremendous changes with all the vitamins he takes through the C.A.T. Center. Today his speech has improved by more than 70%.

Avi Speaks from the Bottom of His Heart

When Talia was diagnosed with autism, her father Avi pledged to support her. The C.A.T. Method has made all the difference in their lives from better sleep to increased socialization.

Meet the Boy Who Can Finally Look His Family in the Eye

One father’s toddler was struggling to make eye contact and connect with loved ones. A few months after working with the C.A.T. Center, he began to communicate with his family.

Things Will Only Get Better from Here

Ilanit found the C.A.T. Center when her son was 4 years old. She felt his progress had halted—and The program spoke to her. Almost immediately, her son began to express himself.

Lior’s Parents Feel Empowered

Kfir and Ilit were worried about their 3-year-old son. Lior had a difficult time learning, and communication proved a struggle. With the C.A.T. Method, they’re very hopeful for the future.

Norit's twins Have Made Great Progress

I can see and feel hope. C.A.T. has been the answer to my prayers. God bless!

Luva’s Son Has Made Great Progress

Luva’s 5-year-old son has autism. He struggled with obsessions and fixations, and Luva didn’t know what to do. Then she found the C.A.T. Center —and today she and her son can laugh together.

This Pharmacy Manager Praises C.A.T.

Though Maya’s son doesn’t have autism, he too benefited from C.A.T. The pharmacy manager explains that the nutrition-based approach helped him overcome some personal challenges. 

The Vitamins and Supplements Are Powerful

Rather than getting upset over her son’s diagnosis, this mother wanted to address it. The C.A.T. Method seemed like a great fit—and the vitamins and supplements are already helping.

Before Treatment, Leon’s Son Was Isolated

One man’s young boy struggled to connect—even with his siblings. After working with the C.A.T. Center, the child no longer gets angry when things don’t go his way. He’s happy and engaged.

мать 4-летнего ребенка в конце лечения в Центре C.A.T.

Dalal's daughter has experienced significant behavioral changes for the better

Without proper nutrition, one teenager’s family knew she wouldn’t be able to take control of her diagnosis. Thanks to C.A.T., the girl has the vitamins and supplements she needs to thrive.

Свидетельские показания мать 4-летнего ребенка в конце лечения в Центре C.A.T

Мать описывает, как ее сын кусал ее, игнорировал ее и убегал от нее на детской площадке. Благодаря C.A.T. он стал спокойнее – и вся их жизнь изменилась к лучшему.

Emilia Thought She’d Considered Everything

Time and again, the mother of a young son searched for solutions. Her child was high-functioning on the autism spectrum—and the C.A.T. Center staff created a protocol that could help him.

Sensible and Science-Backed Testing

Repetitive behaviors and anxiety ran rampant for one family facing autism. When their 5-year-old daughter began working with the C.A.T. Center, she learned to handle things more healthily.

Tantrums Are No Longer a Problem

One father describes how the C.A.T. Method helped his son overcome frequent tantrums. The child would bang his head on the floor and often grow overwhelmed—but not anymore.