I'm Tali, mother of Agam

Until a few years ago, my life was calm and quiet. I worked as a chemist and pharmacist, and the word “autism” was hardly in my vocabulary—but then everything changed. At just 19 months of age, my young daughter slipped into the abyss of autism spectrum disorder.

She stopped communicating with us and no longer wanted to play with her big sister. Agam became distant in a way I had not seen before. She was disconnected, and her diet shifted—she became super-picky and would only eat simple carbs.

When I received the official diagnosis, my dreams shattered. Yet I decided to take action, collect data, and build a customized treatment protocol—and for Agam, my approach brought overwhelming positive results. Within a few months, she returned to smiling, and understanding social situations. Then, I received the best news of my life: Agam is no longer autistic.

From there, I took a personal risk. I resigned from my work as a pharmacist, rented offices, and set up my life enterprise, the C.A.T. Center, where I help parents and their children leverage biologically-based practices to manage their autism spectrum disorder.